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Acronyms and Terms Glossary

Term Description
AE AliExpress
Auth Authentic
B&S Bait and Switch
BHW Black Hardware
BST Buy, Sell, Trade
BT Basetao (TB agent)
CCW Constructive Criticism Welcome
CF Chanel Classic Flap
CS Customer Service
CZ Cubic Zirconia
DR r/Designerreps
FFF Friday Foto Flex
FR r/FashionReps
FS For Sale
FT For Trade
GB Group Buy
GF God Factory (nickname for a factory known for making Chanel, LV, and Dior bags)
GHW Gold Hardware
GL Green Light (approve the product for shipment after viewing PSP)
GP Guinea Pig (test out)
Haul A consolidation of multiple orders
HW Hardware
ISO In Search Of
IYKYK If you know, you know
LC Legit Check (i.e. is this authentic or fake?)
Lindashians Infamous family of rep sellers
LV Louis Vuitton
Marble Nickname for a factory known for their Céline bags
MIF Made in France
MII Made in Italy
MG MoneyGram
Mod Moderator
NF Louis Vuitton Neverfull
OC Old Cobbler (Known Seller) -or- Orange Couch Factory
OF Original Factory
OOTD Outfit of the Day
OP Original Poster (the individual who started the topic)
PM Private Message
PP PayPal
PP G&S PayPal Goods and Services
PP F&F PayPal Friends and Family
PSM Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini
PSP Pre-Shipment Photos/Pictures (also used interchangeably with “QC pics”)
QC Quality Check/Control
Rep Replica
RG Rose Gold
RHW Ruthenium Hardware
RL r/RepLadies -or- Red Light (reject a bag after viewing PSP)
SA Sales Associate
SB Superbuy (TB agent)
SHW Silver Hardware
SLG Small Leather Goods (i.e. cosmetic bags, wallets, coin pouches, key fobs, etc.)
TB Taobao
TL;DR Too Long; Didn’t Read
TTS True-to-Size
UB Uncle Bench (Known Seller)
W2C Where/What to Cop (i.e. buy)
Wagoons Wagoons Full of Books
WG White Gold
WIYB What’s in Your Bag?
WOC Wallet on Chain
WU Western Union
YG Yellow Gold
1:1 A ratio of accuracy compared to the authentic. For example, .5:1 is shorthand for being half as good as the authentic. You will also see .9:1, which means 90% close to authentic, or very close to authentic.
1:1 succ If you really must know, it’s this.
187 Nickname for a Chanel factory