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Group Buy FAQ

What is a group buy? How does it work?

A group buy (GB) is a discount promotion that’s open to all RL members. The sales are usually limited to the specified brands and styles or are factory-centric (e.g. all products from 187, Marble, etc.). Sometimes the factory will impose an order minimum that must be met before the discount is valid, but more often than not, there won’t be any minimums.

How do I find group buys?

Back when r/RepLadies was an active subreddit, the moderators would organise these group buys. Now they are organised by other RepLadies or moderators of the various splinter groups on WhatsApp, Discord or Wechat. You’ll have to ask around and do your research to find them.

I’m picky! Is a GB right for me?

That depends on how reasonable you are with your QCing. The seller will be fielding a large number of inquiries, so they may not be as attentive to your concerns and questions as they might usually be. The factories that are chosen for GB tend to have strict return and exchange policies meaning they won’t allow them unless there’s an obvious defect and accuracy issues are never considered as such. If that’s out of the question for you, then we ask that you refrain from taking part in the promotion, and honestly, it’s probably best that you avoid reps altogether because things won’t be any different for non-GB purchases.

Do we all have to order the exact same item, or do we have a choice?

It depends on what the seller has agreed to or what the factory has mandated. You will be able to order the brands, styles, sizes, and colors that are listed in the GB thread and shown in the seller’s linked albums or website.

Can I place a custom order?

This is all contingent on the specifics of the sale. We will note whether a custom order is an option.

What do I say when ordering? Do I have to tell them anything different?

Aside from mentioning the GB itself, not really. Send them a photo of the item you’d like to order, confirm the payment total, communicate any special instructions (full packaging, carrier preference, etc.), and provide your shipping details.

What about my personal information? Is it safe?

Unless there is a problem that requires our involvement, the only people who will have access to your name, address, and other private details will be the seller you’ve given them to.

How do I pay?

You will pay for the item as you normally would when placing an order with the seller directly. Accepted payment methods will be listed in the GB post.

Will I receive PSP?

Yes. Expect things to take longer due to the high volume of orders, but you will receive PSP. Please be patient and allow the seller extra time (at least a week) before messaging them for a status update.

When will I receive my order?

It’s difficult to say. It could be one week, it could be several. It depends on stock availability, how quickly the factory if fulfilling orders, and how fast the shipping agent is able to transfer your parcel to the carrier. Don’t be taken aback if you end up waiting longer than you’re used to. The seller is managing a higher than usual workload, and knowing how unpredictable the rep world can be, every single one of us should be more than prepared for unforeseen delays by now.