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AliExpress and DHGate

A beginners guide to finding reps and other goodies on AliExpress (and DHGate)

Disclaimer: this guide may cause impulse purchases and many late nights spent browsing AE. You’ve been warned 😉

There’s no question, I love AliExpress. There’s just something about chasing an elusive bargain, a secret find, a hidden link, that sets my rep lady heart a flutter. Here’s some top tips I’ve picked up as a ~Diamond~ AE Member (aka I’ve spent way too much bloody money there).

  • First up, download the AE app. This is the easiest way to browse the site.

  • The AE app has an Image Search button which is amazing for tracking down items you are on the lookout for. Click the camera icon in the search bar and other snap a picture or upload one. You can also use this button while you’re in a listing and have an image selected.. This will bring up other similar listings, so is a great way to price check.

  • As a general rule, treat any store score above 90% as a mark out of 10, so 97% positive feedback works out as a 7/10. Don’t touch anything below 90% and try stick to 97% and above wherever possible. (Note: I am impulsive, poorly behaved and often throw caution into the wind and ignore this advice 😂).

  • Look for photo reviews, but be aware that many rep sellers specifically ask people not to share photos so their shops aren’t taken down.

  • Learn to distinguish a fake review from a real one, very quickly. Fake reviews are pretty easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for: find reviews from your home country, in your native language. They should sound fluent and natural, if they don’t, they’re probably fake! Also, photos are fantastic, but make sure they’re legit! If they look professional, staged, like the listing photos, or you see gloves on the hands, they’re probably fake! Try to look and make sure that reviews haven’t all been published on the same day, as that’s often a big giveaway they’re fake 😅

  • Rep links don’t stay live for long - if you notice a bargain with a large number of sales, jump on it as it may not be there when you next check (see warning about impulse purchases above 😅).

  • When sharing AE/DHG links to high traffic sites, its often best to break/hide the link to help protect the listing/store from being taken down prematurely (it’s been rumoured that AE/DHG notices sudden upticks in traffic so this helps stem the flow a little). Add a space before .com.

  • In my personal experience always pick AliExpress Standard Shipping over cheaper alternatives like Cainiao, China Post etc. Unless of course you like waiting 3 months for a parcel that looks like it’s been put through your dryers spin cycle then stomped on several times.

  • If you buy several things at once from different buyers under AE Standard Shipping, AE will often consolidate these into one mega parcel. This saves on their shipment costs, is better for the environment, and they claim your service is often upgraded to a faster shipping option.

  • It’s a good idea, but particularly with consolidated parcels, to film yourself opening the package once it arrives. That way, in the unlikely event something has been left out or you have been sent the wrong thing, you have video proof to send to AE to get a refund.

  • Some sellers work through ‘Hidden Links’ where you purchase an item that looks completely different from the actual product. There are many different ways hidden links are shared - Telegram/FB Groups being popular platforms. Personally I would recommend proceeding with caution, as you have no grounds to stand on for a refund if you order a ‘computer cable’ and that’s what turns up 😂

  • When you find an item you like, always message the seller to ask if they have an album (use “album” instead of yupoo or szwego which are more likely to get flagged). In addition to more items, often higher tier, they will often list alternate contact info. If you want their wechat or whatsapp, you can also ask them over AE/DHG chat, but write it like wh***ap* or something like that — the system may still figure it out, but it’s more likely to slip through. And if they give you their whatsapp etc FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE SAVE IT!!! If you don’t, and they have good stuff, I can guarantee you’ll regret it when the store gets shut down and you can’t buy from them through AE/DHG anymore!

  • You can message sellers directly for more pictures and to ask if an item has logo/branded box etc. and many will then move the chat to WhatsApp. I’ve received a temp ban from AE for using the word WhatsApp too many times in private chat however (yes that can happen 🤡) so be warned

  • If you do need to open a dispute, avoid choosing the option where you ship the item back to the seller, as you’re just asking for a logistical nightmare. Rep items are not supposed to be sold on the site, so don’t open one unless there is something seriously wrong with it (e.g. it’s damaged, never arrived, or the wrong thing was sent). No disputing wrong stitch counts from the auth or slightly skewed logos 😉

  • Items can take about a month to get to you. So the reviews you’re seeing are from items sent out months ago. DHG/AE sellers often switch suppliers, or even if they don’t, batches will vary; so what you receive may not be as good as what someone ordered last month. So just keep your expectations reasonable!

  • Lastly, enjoy AE/DHG for what it is and like all rep purchases, never spend what you can’t afford to lose. AE/DHG is best for low/mid tier reps, so manage your expectations and you might just walk away with some affordable gems 💎 lord knows I sure have

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