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Factory Directory

There are hundreds of rep factories in China. Learning to recognize just a handful takes time, patience, and acute attention to detail. A number of factories don’t have a name or they’ll refuse to disclose it due to security concerns. What they’re doing is copyright infringement after all. Stock pictures are typically taken by contracted photographers using multiple backdrops further rendering an already strenuous task all the more frustrating. That’s not even the half of it. What’s worse is figuring out who makes the best products at the right price. It might as well be comparable to lighting your money on fire.

Thankfully, you’ve found us and we’re not stingy when it comes to sharing intel. Over the years, foreign buyers have granted monikers to their favorite factories as a means of identification. A majority of what you see here are nicknames not the actual factory names. A few predates RL’s existence like GF and 187. You should assume any seller you talk to is not aware of, nor do they use our nicknames. That goes for sellers who are familiar with RL and RL buyers, too. We did not include every seller who works with each respective factory, but we listed as many as we could off the top of our heads. It is up to you to confirm if your preferred seller works with the factory you’d like to purchase from. Since not all sellers have access to the same places, you will need to send stock photos to verify whether they can buy from the supplier specified. However, be forewarned there is no shortage of dishonest sellers who, despite your request, will source from elsewhere assuming you won’t know the difference, charge you an inflated price, then deliver inferior goods. This practice is known as bait and switch (B&S) and is quite prevalent in the rep world. There isn’t always a reliable way to tell if the product you bought came from a certain factory, so it’s important that you know and trust the seller you are transacting with.

This guide will help you distinguish the more well-known vendors. As is the case with the sellers and agents list, it is not all-inclusive and mainly comprised of factories RL members have reviewed. You should not take the descriptions to heart as details or quality can vary by bag, batch, and opinion. Although we’ve done our best to be objective in describing a factory’s strengths and weaknesses, there will be some inherent bias depending on who is writing about said factory and the personal experience that informs their knowledge. Basically, use this as a general guide to help you figure out who is who, who makes what, who sells what, and nothing else.

Important Disclaimers

It is absolutely critical to understand that this is NOT a list of the “the best” reps and sources. We keep harping on this point and we will continue to be repetitive about it until it becomes universal, conventional knowledge. Everyone’s expectations and standards are different. While having such a reference would be wholly convenient, it would also be highly subjective thus, inaccurate, which is why creating a “best of” ranking would be a colossal waste of time. Even highly commended factories fuck up and make subpar products. There will never be any guarantees that you’ll get exactly what you want no matter where you buy from or how much you shell out. Over time through trial and error, you will discover what qualifies as “best” for you.

Finally, keep in mind that no one should view this as an infallible resource. Like the sellers and agents list, it is not sacrosanct. The directory is our best guess at identification and not 100% accurate. It will be necessary to make corrections as we learn more and discover factories that may be interconnected, related, or wholly separate. Some factories we’re certain about and others, less so especially if they’re not popular or familiar to a plurality of RL buyers. It doesn’t help that the sellers have different contacts for suppliers and often provide conflicting info as a result. It’s difficult if not impossible to verify operational details of an illegal enterprise when their very existence relies on opacity.

The Factories

Table of contents

Angel Factory

  • AKA - AF, Diana (Heidi)
  • Speciality - Celine, Dior
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Oli, Martha, Redden, Vken

AF produces Celine, Dior, Gucci, YSL, and more recently, Hermès. They purportedly use “original leather,” which is a rep term for imported European leather. They’re most known for their Dior Book Totes and is considered a high-tier factory with the prices to match.


  • Specialty - Celine, Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Linda, Min, Oli

Large manufacturer similar in profile to Jxg. Wide variety of brands are replicated from Boyy to Fendi to Chanel to Louis Vuitton. They offer a plethora of choices and good stock at affordable prices. They’re not known for top accuracy. The leather quality can be mediocre. The bags occasionally have messy logo stamps and incorrect glazing colors depending on the brand, style, and color. However, they are an economical option with many bags to pick from and are easily accessible to a large number of sellers. They’re not always easy to identify since they use numerous backdrops for their stock images.

Beige Couch

  • AKA - Beige Marble Factory (RL), Wuxiaojie (Alice)
  • Speciality - Celine
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Audrey, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken

A high mid-tier factory producing decently accurate reps with varying degrees of quality. They excel at the Celine Trio. Pay close attention to the typeface used for logo stamps as they can be inconsistent with that detail.


  • AKA - Black Marble (RL), Bonica (Bank), Xiajiao (Linda)
  • Specialty - Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aling, Alisa, Apple, Bank, Elaine, Heidi, James, Linda, Nina, Oli, OC, Tina, Vken, Zippy

Although they rep numerous brands like Chloé, Loewe, Valentino, Goyard, and Celine, they are most famous for their classic and seasonal LV bags. Many sellers work with this factory, which seemingly has a large operation, are quick to replenish inventory, prices their products competitively, and use a numerous backgrounds for their stock pics, which makes them difficult to identify. Beware of inaccurate details such as the typeface and orientation of logo stamps.

Black Frame

  • AKA - Heiguang (Aaron), JPH (Heidi), JS (Alice, Anna), JP (Redden)
  • Speciality - Prada
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Audrey, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Sandy, Vken

The seller recommended go-to destination for Prada bags, SLG, and accessories such as bag charms and key chains. They are popular on RL for their Cahier, James Jean Bunny Print line, and nylon bags. Also makes Bulgari and Celine.

Classics Factory

  • AKA - 031 Classics (Vken), 1 Classics (Oli)
  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alisa, Linda, Oli, Vken

Specializes in Chanel bags and SLG. Considered mid-tier by sellers although the quality is good plus they’re less expensive compared to 187 and GF. Popular for their budget-friendly Reissues.


  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Anna, Elaine, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Mr. Birkin, Pink, Redden

An up-and-coming factory focusing solely on Chanel bags and accessories that are generally comparable to the high-tier Chanel factories at a lower price range. They advertise that their bags are made using leather from Tanneries Haas and, according to the sellers we’ve spoken to, are less difficult than 187 and GF to work with.


  • AKA - European Station Factory, Ugly Carpet Factory (RL), Water Cup Factory (RL)
  • Specialty - Celine
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alisa, Emily, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken

A mid-tier factory that limits production to a small set of brands like Loewe and Givenchy, but known for Celine and Celine SLG. Often uses the incorrect typeface for logo stamps, a common flaw of lower-grade suppliers.


  • AKA - Feit (Alice)
  • Speciality - YSL
  • Stock Photos
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden

Manufactures favorably reviewed YSL bags and accessories.


  • AKA - Xiaoyi (Alice)
  • Specialty - Gucci
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Oli

Focuses on Gucci classic and seasonal styles.


  • Alias - Panda Factory (RL)
  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken

Another lesser known Chanel-specialized factory that claims to use imported leather. The general RL consensus is that they are high mid-tier and a good alternative for those unwilling to pay 187/GF prices. According to sellers, the bags are of good quality and well constructed.

Glass Door

  • Specialty - Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Darcy, Linda, Martha, OC, Redden, Tina

Similar to Birdcage Factory, a mid-tier manufacturer that mainly produces classic and seasonal LV including SLG. Their seasonal reps tend to be better overall than their classic offerings.

God Factory

  • AKA - GF
  • Specialty - Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Anna, Bank, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Redden, Oli, Pink, Vken

Considered one of the best Chanel factories and the second most expensive since 187 introduced their “Extreme/King” tier. GF’s strengths include the 25cm CF and Boy bags. They accept custom orders that allows you to choose leather type (lambskin, calfskin, caviar), quilting (classic quilting, chevron), color, and hardware (e.g. antique gold, light gold, matte gold, RHW, polished GHW and SHW). They will even let you pick between the “Made in Italy” and “Made in France” stamps. It takes approximately two to four weeks if not longer for a custom order. Like many high-end factories, they have a very inflexible return and exchange policy. GF also produces Dior, LV, and Hermès. As of the end of 2019, they have phased out Celine and Loewe. GF replicates products using reverse engineered auth.

Golden Tile

  • AKA - Tile Factory (RL), Saibina (Alice, Vken)
  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken
  • Acknowledgement - Thanks to u/eyebrowsonfleek for contributing to this section

Excels at seasonal Chanel styles, but also has well priced, relatively accurate Chanel classics like the CF, Boy, and WOC, which is what they’re most popular for. Their Boy bags have the desired snakehead strap. Depending on who you ask, the quality of their leather can be lacking. They are another factory that purchases authentic bags to copy from and regularly photograph their reps alongside the disassembled auth for their stock photos. They’re generally viewed as higher on the mid-tier spectrum and produces a diverse range of brands from LV to fledgling labels like Gabriela Hearst.

Grey Couch

  • AKA - Wood Table Factory (Martha), Debi (Heidi), Shishangbang
  • Specialty - Celine, Loewe, Gucci, YSL
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Emily, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken

A well-reviewed factory that’s quite popular in China, which means they sell out quickly. They were granted the name Grey Couch because they used to photograph their bags on a dark grey couch, but have since switched backgrounds to a wooden table. Celine, Loewe, and Gucci bags are their strong suits. They also make Balenciaga, Bulgari, Burberry, Dior, YSL, seasonal Chanel, and other IG-popular styles.


  • AKA - HH (Alice)
  • Speciality - Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Darcy, Linda, Martha, Nancy, Nina, OC, Oli, Redden, Vken

A popular factory for seasonal and classic LV.


  • Speciality - Bottega Veneta
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aadi, Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Anna, Heidi, Linda, Redden, Martha, Vken

A seller-recommended factory for high quality Daniel Lee-era Bottega Veneta bags. One of three factories currently producing accurate Padded Cassettes and have already switched over to the new branding. Also popular for Givenchy and Chloé.


  • Specialty - Loewe
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Redden

A highly recommended, popular factory for the Puzzle and other Loewe styles.


  • Specialty - Dior, Gucci, YSL
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Aling, Apple, Candy, Darcy, Linda, Marcia, Nina, OC

Another factory using multiple backgrounds. They produce reps of many brands with a heavy emphasis on the latest Dior and Gucci styles including SLG.


  • Specialty - Celine
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Audrey, Bela, Candy, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden

A massive factory that nearly all sellers have access to similar to Baili. They rep every brand from BV to YSL. If a style is popular, you’ll find it through them. They are an RL favorite for the Celine Nano and Belt. However, a few colorways have the incorrect edge paint colors (tonal instead of contrasting).


A seller recommended factory for Bottega Veneta. Their best style is the suede Padded Cassette. One of the few to use the correct BV branding. They manufacture other brands like Prada and Dior.


Makes both cheaper half-hand and higher priced full hand-stitched Hermès bags, wallets, shoes, accessories using imported leather. They accept custom orders for regular and exotic skin bags, which take about four to six weeks to finish.


  • AKA - Binli (Alice)
  • Speciality - Loewe, Valentino, and Burberry
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden

Small factory most known for Loewe.


  • AKA - Yipin, YP
  • Specialty - Celine, Loewe
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Elaine, Emily, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Pink, Sandy

As of Fall 2020, Marble has been shut down by Chinese authorities and is closed for the foreseeable future. Nicknamed for their original stock photo background, which had a white marble surface. It has since been replaced by (less visually appealing) wood. A highly rated, go-to factory for the Celine Box, Nano, and Belt. They’re also a good lower-priced option (compared to Angel Factory) for the Dior Book Tote. Other brands available: Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, LV, Prada, and YSL. Marble has limited inventory, and unless it’s one of their best sellers, they will not reproduce styles once the first and second runs have sold out. Preordering is a must. However, be prepared for a long wait as they work very slowly. Marble’s main upsides includes good craftsmanship consistency and branding accuracy. The downside is their leather can be lacking compared to top tier factories like OF and AF. Marble purchases authentic bags for reverse engineering and, unlike most factories, have excellent packaging.


  • AKA - MBB Uncle (Bank)
  • Specialty - Chloé
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Bank, Linda

Popular for classic and seasonal Chloé. Also produces Loewe staples such as the Puzzle and Gate.


  • AKA - Mingx (Alice)
  • Speciality - Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Nancy, Nina, Oli, Redden, Vken

Known for their classic and seasonal LV bags.


  • AKA - Nick (Alice), Nickole (Heidi)
  • Specialty - Fendi
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Bank, Darcy, Emily, Erica, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Vken
  • Acknowledgement - Thanks to u/yerbamate420 for contributing to this section

Nickloe is to Fendi what Marble is to Celine. They’ve earned a reputation among buyers and sellers alike for making the best Fendi in the rep industry. They also make Fendi SLG, accessories (e.g. Strap You and bag charms), and extremely limited quantities of specific Tom Ford bags. There are other factories that have similar backdrops that can easily be mistaken for Nickloe (i.e. Ounifan).

Orange Couch

  • AKA - Judun (Heidi), Jundu (Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Linda), Mona (Zippy), Xinlong (Bank), OCF (RL)
  • Specialty - Gucci, Dior, YSL
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Bank, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Redden, Wendy, Zippy

Made famous by their Gucci loafers and Dior J’Adior slingbacks, they are now the undisputed RL favorite for YSL specifically the Loulou and Kate. More recently, their LV PSM and Pochette Metis have been gaining popularity, too. Their nickname is derived from one of their stock photo backgrounds which depicts products atop an orange tufted chair. The factory also produces Gucci and Loewe. They offer two qualities levels: regular and the higher tier, more expensive original leather.

Original Factory

  • AKA - OF (RL), Wooman Factory (Marcia)
  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alisa, Heidi, Linda, Marcia, Martha, Min, Redden, Vken

OF began as a Chanel-only factory and has quickly branched out to include Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Celine (some style still use the Philo-era logo with the accent aigu), Dior, Gucci, Givenchy, Goyard, Hermès, Prada, Valextra, and YSL. Considered a top-tier factory, OF has been praised for their impressive leather quality, and according to them, are from Haas and Bodin-Joyeux. Their accuracy level can be inconsistent specifically with branding. They will use incorrect typeface that usually gets corrected in later batches. They will occasionally release fantasy colorways and use incorrect edge paint color for certain colors. Do your research and QC thoroughly before buying.


  • AKA - Ouni (Alice)
  • Specialty - Fendi
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Heidi, Linda, Oli

According to multiple TS, they are roughly equivalent to Nickloe for Fendi reps although many still insist that Nickloe is best. Their stock photos are very similar to and can be easily confused for Nickloe. The best way to distinguish between the two is the size of the bronze shelves in the background. Ouni’s are thicker with more prominent beveling than Nickloe’s.


  • AKA - Pomegranate Girl (Heidi), Stripes (RL)
  • Specialty - Celine, Gucci
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Bank, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken
  • Acknowledgement - Thanks to u/misshufflepuff for clarification

Specializes in Gucci, Celine, Prada, and recently, Bottega Veneta. They are considered mid-tier and has a tendency to use incorrect branding and medium-grade leather. Related to another factory we previously listed separately as “Stripes.” Pomegranate has two main sales contacts that operate under different names hence the confusion on the part of the seller during the identification process. For now, we’re going to classify them as one factory.


  • Specialty - Loewe
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Redden

Another factory that solely concentrates on Loewe reps.

Red Brick

  • AKA - BSH (Alice)
  • Specialty - Gucci
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Candy, Darcy, Emily, Linda, Nancy, Oli

Mid-tier, lower priced factory that is popular for budget-friendly Gucci.


  • Specialty - Hermès
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Elaine, Fang, Mr. Birkin

Considered one of the best if not best Hermès factory on RL and outside of RL based on numerous reviews. They only produce fully hand-stitched Hermès bags (they also offer Chanel, but there’s some doubt as to whether they produce the bags themselves or source from another high quality factory and up-charges significantly) and claims the leather they use is from Tanneries Haas. Like most H factories, Symode accepts custom orders, which can take anywhere from two to six weeks depending on volume.


  • AKA - Qiqi (Linda)
  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Candy, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken

A well-regarded factory that isn’t as popular as GF, 187, and OF. The Boy bags have the correct strap end shape and most of their bags have the right logotype for the interior stamps, but verify with the seller beforehand and double-check during the QC stage.


  • Speciality - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Aling, Alisa, Bank, Linda, Martha, Nina, Redden, Tina, Vken

Wenfa produces mid-grade Chanel bags and SLG. A cost effective option for moderately accurate Chanel. They offer exotic skin bags such as python and lizard at low prices ($200 range), but they make fantasy colorways and the interior logo stamp typeface is inconsistent across various styles. They claim to use Haas leather for their higher-grade Chanel reps.

Xiao C

  • AKA - Little C, Small C, 小C (Alisa), Shengchang (Morgan), Walnut (Morgan), Changsheng (Linda), Picao (Oli), SY (Heidi), 元素/Element (Min)
  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aadi, Aaron, Alisa, Anna, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Min, Morgan, Oli, Redden
  • Acknowledgement - Thanks to u/tripleaw and u/BS_bagsandshoes for clarification

Previously known as CD-Ming. Xiao C, or Little C is a positively reviewed Chanel factory that may have had some connection to CD factory in the past. Both CD and Xiao C share common sales agents and Xiao C had been previously categorized as CD, but the general consensus is that they are two independent suppliers. Like many rep factories, Xiao C claims to use Haas leather. According to some TS (Morgan and Oli), they also produce limited Dior styles like the Lady Dior, Bobby, and 30 Montaigne. Their speciality is the Chanel 19.

White Branch

  • Specialty - Fendi
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alisa, Audrey, Candy, Darcy, Linda, Martha, Min, Oli, Redden, Tina, Vken

Produces several brands such as Chanel and Gucci using good materials with a decent level of accuracy at reasonable prices. Similar in profile to Golden Tile. They favor Fendi and are cheaper than Nickloe and Ouni, but the quality is fairly comparable. Their bestseller is the Peekaboo.

White Chair

  • AKA - Changjiang (Alice)
  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Audrey, Bank, Emily, Linda, Nina, Oli, Vken, Zippy

Mid-tier factory with persistent, yet minor accuracy issues spanning hardware and logotype according to the sellers we’ve spoken to. They make both classic and seasonal Chanel styles. Their speciality being the latter.

Yellow Wall

  • Speciality - Louis Vuitton
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Linda, Martha, Redden

Known for their classic and seasonal LV bags.


  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alice, Alisa, Linda, Min, Marcia, Martha, Oli, Redden, Vken

Low mid-tier reps of Chanel bags and accessories. Their interior logo stamp is incorrect. Some of their factory pictures can be easily confused with GF.


Similar to Feite and popular for YSL.


  • AKA - Xueling (Oli), Aoao家 (Min), S Factory
  • Speciality - Exotic Chanel and Reissues
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Alisa, Linda, Min, Oli, Pink

Yoyo is both a factory and wholesale distributor, which means they sell products from other factories (i.e. S Factory, Miss Bag known for Givenchy). Yoyo’s factory is primarily known for lower priced, mid-tier Chanel bags. They are popular for their Reissues and python CF and Boy bags. They have access to other factories that claim to use Bodin-Joyeaux lambskin for their Chanel reps along with other brands like Hermès, LV, Loewe, Dior, and more. Since not all sellers have the same sales contacts, not all of them will be able to procure inventory from other factories through Yoyo.


  • Specialty - Chanel
  • Stock Pictures
  • Sellers - Aaron, Alice, Alisa, Emily, Elaine, Heidi, Linda, Martha, Oli, Pink, Redden, Vken

187 is one of the top Chanel factories in the market. Their nickname came from the first three digits of the serial number found in their bags at the time they became popular. Their strengths include the CF line most notably the caviar Jumbo, which has the most accurate current seasons flap shape compared to the other top Chanel factories. They are also known to produce the best distressed calfskin Reissues and Gabrielle bags. 187 is expensive. They recently introduced a higher quality tier referred to as “Extreme” or “King, that’s priced between $600-700 per bag and supposedly are made using superior materials compared to their “High,” or regular level bags. They have different pricing depending on leather type and hardware color; something other top-tier Chanel rep suppliers don’t do. Their stock pictures are poor (i.e. bad lighting, taken at a distance, situated at odd angles, no detailed close-ups) and there are (not always valid) criticisms of the piping on their Boy reps. Since they’re so popular, preorders can take several weeks to months to complete. They sell out quickly and are slow to restock. They’ve made fantasy colors from time to time, so do your research before paying.