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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents

It’s only natural for new members to have loads of questions. We were all new once, so we get it.

We’ve amassed the most commonly asked questions we’ve seen everyday over the past several years. It’s advisable to check here first along with the Wiki Index. RL is was a comprehensive database of reviews, QC discussion, and references that will undoubtedly aid in your quest to find the best of anything and everything you could possibly wantforlessthanretail.Yesssss!

General Questions

I’m new to this. Where do I begin?

If You’re New, Start Here is a safe bet. It’s a general overview on the rep ordering process from inquiry to payment to shipping. Finally, bookmark the Wiki Index. All of our most important and helpful resources can be found there.

Where can I find a seller’s contact information?

In the sellers and agents list.

Why isn’t [seller’s name] on the sub’s sellers and agents list?

We are not going to add every well-reviewed seller to the list. There are thousands and thousands of sellers. Feel free to buy from whomever you want to. You don’t need to limit yourself to the sellers often discussed on RL. No seller needs to be on our list to be considered honest or worthy.

Why is [name of seller] no longer on the seller and agent list?

Sellers have been removed from the list for egregious violations such as B&S (Becky and Alex), theft (Benny), doxxing (Annie), and unscrupulous conduct (Angel, QinQin/Angel). It is rare, but it has happened. When this occurs, a PSA will be posted to the sub informing members why the removal was necessary. In all other cases such as when a seller requests to be removed (Uncle Bench), a personal disagreement between the seller and mod team (Anita, Tong), lack of new reviews or QC for a prolonged period of time (Julie), or an excessively high volume of customer complaints (NBF), there may not be a PSA.

I’ve read so many negative comments and complaints about [seller’s name]. Why is he/she/they still on the list?

Because we don’t remove sellers from the list due to negative feedback. Otherwise, there’d be no list.

A seller I’ve never had contact with messaged me on WhatsApp. How did they get my information?

It’s widely known that the shipping agents will sell your information to other parties. It’s happened to everyone, is a frequent occurrence and is nothing to worry about. Ignore, block, and move on.


I don’t have access to WeChat. Does the seller have WhatsApp or email?

If they do, it will be listed in the sellers and agents list. Not all sellers have an alternate means of contact aside from WeChat, however. WhatsApp and Instagram are blocked in China and requires a VPN to access that not all sellers have. Although email addresses are listed for some, they don’t check it as often as they do WeChat, so expect delayed replies.

I’ve added the seller to WeChat. How long does it take to get accepted?

Sellers get hundreds of messages each day. They may not accept you straight away. Give them a few days. If you still aren’t able to see their Moments, you can send another request, but don’t go overboard. WeChat has built-in spam/security features. If it detects that your account is sending too many friend requests within a short span, it will identify you as a bot account and suspend your ability to add contacts for up to a week without any notification. The only way to get your account back to normal is to not add any new friends for at least a few days.

I’m looking for something specific. Is there a way to search through WeChat Moments?

Yes, there is. Here are instructions on how to do that. Guess where this link was? That’s right! The Wiki Index!

Why can’t I see the seller’s Moments?

It either means you’ve been deleted or you’ve been blocked. Likely the former if you haven’t spoken to or purchased from them recently. Sellers periodically clean up their contact lists since they’re only allowed 5000 contacts per WeChat account, or they’ll do a purge for security reasons.


Where can I view what the seller has for sale?

Many sellers have Yupoo and/or Szwego albums. You will have to ask them for the link. The majority upload pictures to their WeChat Moments. Their inventory is more expansive than what you’re able to see, so if there’s something you’re looking for that you can’t find in their albums or feed, send the seller a picture and inquire about availability. If it’s being repped and the seller has access to the factory, they’ll be able to get it for you. You may have to approach several sellers before you get a “yes.”

I would like to place an order. What should I say to the seller?

No need to overcomplicate things. Don’t feel pressured to make small talk. Some sellers are very straight to the point. Say hello, send a picture of the item you’d like to buy, then ask if it’s in stock and for how much.

Why is the seller being so rude to me?

First thing to ask yourself and, hopefully, you can answer honestly: are you being rude to them? If not, then might you give them the benefit of the doubt? It’s hard to convey emotion and tone over text messages. Aside from cultural differences, each seller has their own manner of communicating. Some use a lot of emojis while others rarely do. Not every seller is going to be right for everyone regardless of how many positive reviews they’ve received. Try not to be so sensitive and take things personally. For all you know, the seller is having an awful day. They are human after all. Finally, don’t read too much into the emojis and stickers a seller sends you. The Chinese have their own way of using them that doesn’t directly correspond to Western usage. They are not mocking nor making fun of you. Again, the key here is to remember that there are cultural differences in addition to a language barrier. This guide will help with decoding what your seller’s emoji is trying to convey. If you’re unable to access that link because of paywall, try this one. Patience, understanding, and empathy goes a long way when interacting with a seller, and is sure to get you closer to a satisfactory outcome than anger and defensiveness.

Has anyone ever heard of/purchased from [insert new seller name/IG account/Yupoo album link here]?

If you want feedback on a seller who isn’t on the sellers and agents list, first, do a board search to see if there have been any reviews posted. If not, ask in either the Daily Discussion thread. Do not create a thread. It will be removed.

Who makes/sells the best [insert bag/shoe brand and style name here]?

This question is impossible to answer because it’s entirely subjective. The details that are important to one person may not matter at all to somebody else. Factories have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to major details (i.e. leather, proportions, and all exterior details) and minor (i.e. the shape of a clip, the typeface on a serial number tag, etc.). It’s why you should read all the reviews you can find of the product you’re interested in, so you can make an informed decision. Yes, it requires effort, but if you want the very best or the very best value, it necessitates research. We also recommend that you read u/ssossed’s excellent guide on sellers and factories, which can also be found in the Wiki Index.

How can I tell which factories are which?

By the factory’s stock pictures. This takes times to learn. Pay attention to the background. After awhile, you will become familiar with images linked to certain factories. It’s also what we happen to base the nicknames we have for them on (e.g. Marble Factory, Grey Couch Factory, Golden Tile Factory, Birdcage Factory, etc.). Some factories use multiple backdrops (e.g. God Factory, Original Factory, Nickloe, Jxg, GD, etc.). Look through recent reviews and QC threads. Nearly all of them include factory names and/or stock photos since it is a posting requirement. That should help with basic identification. Sellers aren’t always aware of the nicknames we use. You need to send them a photo if you require that a bag be sourced from a particular place. Not all sellers have access to the same factories either. You must verify with them first.

How do I know if my bag is coming from the right factory?

Depending on your familiarity with the factory’s products, there are ways to tell by looking at certain details. In most cases though, it is impossible to. That’s why we have a sellers and agents list. They’ve proven to be honest and will not bait and switch, or B&S (i.e. substituting a cheaper, inferior product while charging for higher quality), their customers.

If two sellers are using the same factory photo, does that mean the item is coming from the same place?

It’s a gamble. It may be coming from the same place, or it could be a case of B&S. There aren’t any guarantees, so be careful, be aware of the risks, and choose your seller wisely.

Which factory makes the best Chanel? 187, GF, or OF?

Again, this is highly subjective. There is no definitive answer only a general consensus. It depends on the style you’re looking to buy and how much you’re willing to spend although the prices are fairly comparable to one another with 187’s “Extreme” or “King” quality tier being the most expensive of the three. Fortunately, there’s no dearth of reviews on these factories. Search for them and read them. Look at the pictures. Take note of the pros and cons outlined by each reviewer. Only you can answer this question for yourself. It may require a bit of trial and error on your part to figure out which one you like best, but, honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Are reps really made using the same materials as the authentic?

The latest trend involves factories declaring they use the same leather and hardware as the authentic bags. The two most referenced tanneries are Haas (Hermès) and Bodin-Joyeux (Chanel). We urge you to take these statements with a grain of salt. Whether the leather is imported or not depends on how honest you think the counterfeit industry can be. Factories and sellers alike have shared pictures of the hides with the Haas or Bodin-Joyeux labeling/iron-branding and some go so far as to show actual receipts, but how can we be sure it’s (a) their pictures or (b) that that’s the leather being used in production? There’s no way to know definitively. Many high quality and even mid-tier reps are made using thick, supple leather. Does it really matter where it came from? We all want the best, but we’re dealing with a black market. Their main objective is to make as much money as possible while moving inventory as quickly as possible. Suppliers and sellers are going to tell you what they think you want to hear… just like legitimate corporations do. Believe it or don’t believe it, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor in where you buy your reps from. It’s always best to QC the entire bag and not fall for what’s essentially a sales ploy.

A seller told me that [insert factory nickname here] doesn’t exist and that RL’s info on factories is inaccurate. What’s the truth?

No use mincing words over this one: the seller is lying or, at best, oversimplifying how things actually work to avoid having to impart a lengthy explanation in response to your question. Don’t forget, almost all sellers are motivated to convince you that whatever they’re offering is the best, thereby directly implying that their suppliers are the best. If you go into a transaction asking about GF and 187 because you’ve heard they make the best Chanel and the seller either has no clue what you’re talking about or they don’t work with them, then they’re going to say what’s necessary to steer you away from those options. It is ultimately the buyer’s responsibility to be informed so you can protect yourself from being manipulated by someone who wants your money.

Everyone who has read the information readily available in our Wiki Index already knows that GF, 187, OF, Marble, Grey Couch, Birdcage, and so on are nicknames not the factories’ actual names. Sellers who aren’t familiar with RL will have no idea what you’re referring to unless you show them a stock picture, and you still have to be cautious of B&S. It happens frequently.

If these factories were a figment of our imagination, why would there be so many quality levels, noticeable discrepancies between reps from different sources, and varied stock photos used repeatedly by numerous sellers? Why are the reps shown in reviews and QC threads submitted by multiple members who are buying from factories oft discussed share telltale similarities to one another (e.g. shape, logotype, stamps, serial numbers, packaging, price points, etc.)? Why would a seller say they don’t have access to Nickloe and Golden Tile if these places don’t exist to begin with?

Any seller who makes this claim and insists that the notion of specified factories is nothing more than a marketing gimmick isn’t being honest with you, and that alone should make you question whether that’s someone you want to be giving your business to. If they’ll lie about this, they’ll lie to you about anything. What they’re really telling you is that they don’t like informed buyers because they can’t push whatever they want on you and overcharge for it if you possess a fundamental understanding of how the process works. Do we know everything about the rep industry and the way it operates? Of course not, but if 40+ sellers are telling us that there are numerous factories, most of which we don’t know about and that they haven’t dealt with themselves, then we’re more inclined to believe them over someone no one on the sub has ever heard of, never purchased from, or, worse, who was removed from the sellers and agents.

I paid a seller on [insert date here], but now I’m being told the item is out of stock. Was the seller just telling me it was available to get my money?

We understand how stressful this process can be especially for new buyers, but there’s really no need to assume the worst. Not every setback should be attributed to some villainous motive on the part of the seller. Products selling out is extremely common. This won’t be the first nor the last time it will ever happen to you. You have to keep in mind that we are but a small fraction of total rep buyers. We are eclipsed by China’s massive domestic market. Between the seller asking the factory for availability and waiting for payment before an order can be placed, high demand styles in popular colors from well known suppliers can become unavailable very quickly. Many of the factories that we favor on RL like Marble, 187, GF, and so on are also the preferred sources for mainland customers. They have the means to pay their sellers quickly via Alipay and WeChat, which gives them another advantage. Always be prepared for things to go OOS. Better yet, learn to expect it to mitigate your disappointment.

I paid a seller on [insert date here]. How long before I receive PSP?

Give the seller at least 4-7 business days before badgering them for PSP. The seller is handling other transactions aside from yours. They have to place the order with the factory then wait for the factory to send the goods or notify them when it’s ready to be picked up. This can take two days or two weeks depending on how busy the factory is. The seller isn’t purposely withholding PSP from you. You shouldn’t be expecting PSP a couple days after you’ve paid anyway. That’s unrealistic. This isn’t Amazon. We understand that you’re anxious and excited to receive your rep, but you need to relax. You’ll get your PSP when you get them.

How do I buy from Taobao? It’s all in Chinese.

In case you haven’t already noticed, there is a guide for everything. Visit the Taobao Wiki to learn how to use TB and TB agents. Yes, we realize the text is Chinese since Taobao is a Chinese site. Download Google Chrome. It has a helpful translate webpage feature that will come in handy.

I don’t know which shoe/clothing size to pick.

Use the size chart provided by the seller or in the TB listing. How narrow or wide your foot also plays a factor. Sometimes the sizing charts are off. That’s the risk with buying rep shoes and clothing. Chinese sizing is not accommodating to Westerners. Be prepared for your self-esteem to take a hit. Also, sorry to disappoint, but many rep shoes only go up to a size 39. 40 or 41 if you’re lucky, and that’s usually only for the bestsellers like Chanel Espadrilles or Gucci loafers. Custom orders are available depending on the factory and style, but isn’t always an option. Do a board search. Many members have posted TB links to stores that stocks larger sized shoes and clothing. Look for “Pang Meimei,” which translates to “Fat Sister.” For some reason, it’s China’s phrase for plus size. No, we don’t think it’s very nice either.

How do Group Buys work?

Refer to our Group Buy FAQ.


Which sellers accept PayPal?

Many do, but it can often change, so instead of providing you with a list, it’s best to ask each seller. You can do it. We believe in you. PP is an unsafe payment method for them, which is why they don’t all use it. Every single seller who uses PP has had their accounts frozen, suspended, or completely shut down because a scumbag buyer filed a fraudulent dispute after receiving their order. The seller will typically ask you to send money through the Friends & Family option not Goods & Services. A few will only let returning customers pay with PP. Don’t assume that you have the right to use PP just because they have an account. It’s up to the seller which payment methods they want to accept and for which individual. Also, if a seller is charging you fees for PP, it’s because PP charges them extra for international transfer withdrawals.

How do I transfer money using Western Union?

People think using WU is difficult, but it really isn’t. They have step-by-step instructions on how to send money online, in person, or by phone. There’s also a user submitted guide on initiating a transfer through the WU app then completing it in person, which only incurs a $5 fee. If a seller allows bank transfer, you can do it through WU without having to pay any fees, but you are getting a lower currency exchange rate than you would a traditional bank transfer, which usually costs $40-60 for international wires.

My Western Union transfer keeps getting rejected. What am I doing wrong?

As a financial services company, WU is legally required to follow federal and international anti-money laundering regulations. If it is your first time or one of the first times you are using WU, they may put your transfer on hold to ask you a few questions about who you’re sending the money to and for what purpose. Sometimes the rejection has nothing to do with you. It may be because the seller has reached their WU receiving limit for the day, month, or even year. When a seller tells you that they’re unable to pick up the money even though the MTCN tracking status shows as “Received,” it means that although the bank or agent has the funds, they are refusing to release it to the recipient like due to account limits. If that’s the case, you will have to call WU about getting your transfer returned. Don’t worry. WU can’t lose your money. It doesn’t disappear into the ether. It’s all electronically logged. If there’s a problem, call WU’s customer service number to sort things out.

WU is asking questions about my transfer. What should I say?

You can be truthful and vague, or truthful and specific, or completely vague. It’s hard to say which answer is likely to get your transfer approved. It’s different for everyone depending on the agent you’re speaking to. Establish that you trust and know the recipient. They’re not asking these questions to catch you buying reps. They don’t care. They’re only asking to make sure you’re not sending funds to a terrorist group, and/or to ensure you’re not getting scammed by a Nigerian prince.

Returns and Exchanges

Which sellers accept returns?

You can assume none of them do. It isn’t a standard expectation. Some might depending on the circumstance, but unless the seller sends you the wrong item, you will have to pay for return shipping. Returns are at your own risk. The seller is not obligated to refund you if you choose to send a bag back and it gets confiscated by Chinese customs. If you’re dissatisfied with what you received, it’s simpler to take the loss, sell the bag or give it away, and buy another one if you’re still up for it. The fact of the matter is you don’t always save money with reps. Everyone has sunk dollars on a dud at some point, but there’s still a vast difference between $200 lit on fire vs. $2000. One of the golden rules of buying reps is don’t spend money you’re not prepared to lose.

I don’t like my PSP. The item doesn’t look like the authentic. Can I ask for an exchange or a refund?

You shouldn’t be comparing your PSP to the authentic anyway. Here’s the correct way to QC:

  1. Compare factory stock photos to the auth.
  2. Choose the one you think is closest, then buy it.
  3. When you receive PSP, compare them to the factory photos while keeping in mind that details can differ by batch. You should only escalate issues to a seller if the difference is substantial. We shouldn’t have to tell you what that means. Use common sense.

As for an exchange or refund, the answer is different not only for every seller, but for every individual order. Certain factories are stricter than others when it comes to exchanges. Many don’t take returns for any reason other than quality defects. Expecting a seller to exchange a bag for you multiple times or even once is wrong, and just because they were able to do it for you that one time, doesn’t mean they’ll always be able to. It’s not that the seller doesn’t want you to be pleased with your order. You have to understand that when they can’t return something, they are forced to eat the cost of whatever it is you’ve deemed unacceptable. If they return/exchange too often, a factory can refuse their business going forward, and sellers can’t risk their relationship with their suppliers if they want to continue doing their jobs. Don’t forget that this is a black market industry. It may not be illegal for you to buy reps, but it most certainly is illegal for them to be sold to you and to be manufactured. Consequently, sellers and factories are not going to be endlessly accommodating to the consumer. There’s no “the customer is always right” in the contraband world. Imagine trying to get a refund from your drug dealer for subpar cocaine. What do you think they’ll say to you? Exactly.

What is the purpose of PSP if I can’t return/exchange an item I am dissatisfied with?

There’s a misconception that getting PSP automatically means there’s the option to approve or reject an item you’ve purchased. That is not always the case and we’ve done our best to make everyone aware of it through periodic PSAs and guides that we habitually refer to. PSP used to be provided by the seller to confirm that the order is correct, then it somehow evolved to how they’re being used now. When people ask, “What’s point of PSP if I can’t ask for another rep?” That’s why. It was never intended to be part of some pre-shipment buyer approval process. The fact that it’s become one is a luxury not a right.

The ability to exchange/return is mainly the factory’s call and sometimes the seller’s. Occasionally, sellers will acquiesce to your request, but you should always be prepared for them to refuse. Accuracy is not something the factory and sellers care about, and keeping in mind that the counterfeit industry is illegal, it shouldn’t be. Factories and their owners exist to make money, to avoid getting shut down, and worse, incarceration. Exchanges and returns eats into their margins as well as their time.

Usually when the seller refunds/exchanges a rep for you, they are absorbing the cost by returning your money or paying for another rep out-of-pocket because they assume they’ll be able to sell it to somebody else. Since it is each seller’s choice (yes, they have a choice), no one should feel entitled to this treatment. No one should be demanding or coercing a seller to refund/exchange by threatening a bad review or claiming that you’ll report them the police (good luck filing a report on your contraband transaction) or the mods. This will only net you two outcomes:

  1. Law enforcement will rightfully ignore you because they are more preoccupied responding to cases of assault and…murder
  2. A ban from RL

The seller is refusing my exchange/refund request. What do I do?

We can tell you what not to do. Definitely do not threaten the seller with a bad review. Talk to the seller, remain calm, acknowledge that an exchange may be difficult for them, be understanding, and ask if there are any other options for you at all. People are more willing to help when you treat them respectfully. If they still refuse, suck it up. Like we’ve said time and time again, buying reps is a risk, and you’re not always going to get exactly what you want. Accept the bag, sell it, gift it, try again. Rinse, repeat.

The seller has agreed to refund me for an out of stock or defective item, but it’s been days/weeks and I haven’t gotten my refund yet despite multiple follow-ups. Why is this happening?

The quick and easy answer is that they haven’t had time to do it. Be patient. If you paid using PayPal, understand that PP differs by country and region. Global funds transfer is complicated, intricate, and subject to various regulations. There are certain features Chinese PP account holders do not have access to. While sellers are able to receive payment via Friends and Family, they cannot send payment overseas using this option. It is not available to them. They also cannot deposit nor reload balances into PayPal. They might not have enough in the account to cover your refund, so they have to wait until they receive more money from other transactions. If you’re wondering why they can’t just be upfront with you regarding the reason, chalk it up to societal norms related to personal topics like money. How comfortable would you be telling someone you don’t have enough money in your account to pay the money owed to them? It’s embarrassing and requires a lengthy explanation that a buyer might misinterpret due to the language barrier. Allow the seller some time. Check on the status every few days. You will get the refund eventually.

The seller has agreed to accept my exchange/return, but I need to send the package back. Shouldn’t they pay for shipping?

No, as stated earlier, unless the seller shipped you an incorrect item, it is standard for the buyer pay return postage. It may sound unfair to you, but that’s the way it works.

What’s the best shipping method to use when sending a package back to China?

Whatever has tracking. If you’re in the US, the most cost effective method will be First Class International, but USPS also offers more expedient options like Priority International and Priority International Flat Rate. Regardless of which method or carrier you choose, make sure you can track the package, or else there’s no way to know if a seller has received it, and that would make your return very problematic.

I’m unhappy with the bag I received. Would it be okay if I filed a chargeback?

Absolutely not. Chargebacks fuck things up for everyone. This is the reason why less and less sellers are taking PayPal. We may not be able to prevent you from doing this, but when we find out, and there is no doubt we will find out, you will be permanently banned from RL. You’ll also find it very difficult to impossible to buy from many sellers in the future.

Shipping, Tracking, Customs, and Seizures

The seller gave me EMS/DHL tracking info, but it’s not a valid tracking number. Have I been scammed?

First, please stop assuming you’ve been scammed especially if the seller has been widely reviewed on RL. Secondly, tracking may take a few days to update. The label has been created by the shipping agent (that’s right, the seller isn’t the one who mails out your packages or even packs it; that’s what their shipping agent does for them), but that doesn’t mean the carrier is in possession of your parcel yet. Give it a day or two. For DHL, sometimes the waybill number changes. You will either have to get the updated number from the seller, search by the shipper’s reference number on the DHL site, or call DHL directly. Provide the customer service rep your name, address, and telephone number. They will be able to tell you what your new tracking number is.

My EMS tracking status hasn’t updated for days/weeks. It says “Origin post preparing shipment.” Has it been seized?

No, it means that it’s en route. EMS packages usually remain in this stage the longest. It’s either on a plane, or sitting on a pallet languishing on a tarmac in China waiting for the manifest to fill up to capacity before being transferred onto an aircraft. People have had their tracking stuck in OPPS for over a month before it shows up in the destination country. The only thing to do now is to sign up for text alerts and continue waiting.

What can I do to avert a seizure?

Nothing. What customs chooses to confiscate is a crapshoot. It’s pure bad luck. Small packages are bound to get seized just as much as the larger ones are. Shipping without full packaging doesn’t guarantee safe passage either. All you can do is hope for the best.

My TB haul is huge. Should I split my order to prevent it from getting seized?

Common wisdom says to keep packages under 3-4kg, but many buyers on r/FashionReps and r/Designerreps, where they tend to do larger hauls, have successfully received far bigger and heavier deliveries.

What should I declare as the value on the customs form?

The seller and their shipping agent will handle that for you. If customs is asking for proof of the declared value, contact your seller or TB agent for assistance.

How do you know if your package has been seized? Do you get notified?

For DHL, yes. For EMS, the tracking will occasionally indicate that it’s been seized, but not always. If your tracking has remained in the customs inbound stage for a week or more, you can call for a status update.

My DHL tracking status says “Please contact DHL.” What does that mean?

Unfortunately, chances are it has been seized. Call them for confirmation and next steps.

My package has been seized. Does this mean my address has been flagged?

Sometimes, yes, and other times, no. It’s difficult to say, but you should use a different carrier, address, telephone number, and possibly even name for your next shipment just to be safe.

What if my package gets seized? Shouldn’t the seller replace it?

The standard policy is if your order is seized in China, the seller will replace it for free. If it is seized in the destination country, the seller assumes no liability. They cannot control what customs chooses to take or let through, so it would be unfair to expect them to bear the financial burden of replacing all seized packages. The seizure policy varies from seller to seller, so you should always ask about it prior to paying. Some sellers will replace seized packages in all scenarios, some will reship if the buyer pays half of the original total, and others offer seizure insurance for an additional charge. You should know what to expect in the likelihood this happens to you, so you are not blindsided by the outcome.

My order is lost/stolen/damaged. Is the seller responsible for replacing it or refunding me?

No, similar to the seizure policy, the seller is not responsible for the (messy) operations of your local post office or your (derelict) mailman. If for some reason, you did not receive your order despite the tracking status indicating that it was delivered, first, contact the post office and file a missing package report online or over the phone. After you’ve already done that, reach out to the seller to see what they’d be willing to do for you, but know that they’re not obligated to replace it, so you can’t get angry at them if they tell you there isn’t anything that can be done. As for a bag that was damaged not due to any shipping mishap, communicate with your seller kindly and patiently. Ask if you could send it back for the factory to repair, or even easier, ask if the seller is able to send you replacement parts. If the seller does agree to repairs, you may still have to foot the bill for shipping as unfair as that sounds. It’s the way the industry works. You can’t expect white glove service when someone is literally risking their freedom to sell you something. You have to take it or leave it.

I received a letter from [insert brand name here]’s lawyers. What should I do? Do I need to answer it?

No, ignore and discard. In the US, federal law does not prohibit the purchase of counterfeit goods for personal use. Having their legal counsel send you that form letter is the most they can and would be willing to do. You are not legally obligated to respond nor obey the contents of the notice.


I’m traveling to Europe. Since reps are illegal in certain countries, is it safe to bring my reps?

Yes, it is 100% safe. Those laws are meant to deter the buying and selling of reps within the country. Airport security is not trained to authenticate your Chanel. Their primary focus is on thwarting terrorist attacks and drug trafficking. Customs cares more about forbidden agricultural goods than they do your fake bag. Pay no mind to the absurd stories about sales associates cutting bags off of people’s shoulders, or demanding the retail price as restitution for discovering a fake in store. Those tales are false, the actions aren’t legal, and they’re nothing more than urban legends spread by people who care too much about how others choose to spend their money. Luxury brand sales associates are specifically instructed not to publicly identify fakes, authenticate upon request, and are generally not allowed to “call out” customers. It is an article of clothing not narcotics, a weapon, or liquids exceeding 3.4 fl oz (100ml). No one will take it away from you. That would be theft, so it isn’t anything you need to be worried about. Bring whichever rep you want and have an enjoyable, safe trip. Watch out for pickpockets.

Is my rep calloutable?

No. Unless it’s one of those horrible fakes that looks like it’s melting, nobody will suspect a thing. Many times, the paranoia is all in the wearer’s mind, so be confident and no one will question you. Frankly, most people don’t even care enough to take notice. It is against corporate policies for sales associates to comment on the authenticity of what their customers are wearing, so don’t be afraid to walk into a store with your rep. If you have the misfortune of encountering an arrogant dickbag who derives joy from putting others down, tell them to go eat shit. Their opinion means fuck all anyway.

Who is Dave?

Dave is a fictional construct representative of all customs agents. He’s responsible for seizures. Nobody likes him.

What is a tapir?

It is the delightful nickname bestowed on the Hermès Rodeo bag charm because they don’t really resemble horses. They look more like…goofy tapirs. The tapir is the official mascot of RL. He originally belonged to u/jennipoo9, but, tragically, he did not make it past CBP and perished on September 27, 2018. Don’t be sad.

What does “wagoons” mean?

Nobody knows, but it refers to “wagoon full of books.” We have no idea what that means either, but it’s by far one of the most memorable moments on RL. It has evolved into an inside joke and is now mostly used as slang for wealth. It has also been suggested that wagoons be the secret code word used to identify fellow RLers in the real world, so if someone whispers “wagoons” to you as they pass, you’ve been identified as a member of our not-so-secret society. Don’t get it twisted, it’s not a call-out. It’s a compliment for knowing what’s up, so bask in the luxury of not having to spend $4K on a bag when you don’t have to.